Green Pitch Updates for the Week Ending June 10, 2017 

No video update this week. Events over the weekend had me too exhausted to do a video recap.  I’ll do the weather, the garden and maybe the deck.

Be well, everyone.

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The weather was very ideal.  From Sunday until Wednesday evening, the skies were cloudless and general untouched; the penetrating sunlight and gentle breezes made for very ideal growing conditions.

On Sunday, I checked out the Wicker Park farmers market and got a tomato plant for one if the northwest squares.

I made a visit on Tuesday to water the plot.  Whether or not anyone abided by the “water me” post and even sprinkled the plants remains to be seen.  I did help out and watered 106 (which ideally should have the carrots planted closer together to make for more efficient water useage and sharing,), but I’m guessing the grandkids planted them, which might explain the random planting patterns.  I also did my best with 102, but the tomato plant finally had to yield.  Rest in peace.

I overheard someone mention using marigolds as insect repellent.  The next day I had a synchronicity as the wife sent me an article on plants to use for insect repellent/management. I think I’ll use a few open spots for marigolds and dill.

The Garden Plot

Other Plots in the Land on Lincoln Garden

((I just wanted to share images of the other plots for comparison with my own, and also to illustrate what people are growing and the progress they have made.)

The Deck Garden

(Photos to follow…)