Boots On The Ground – The Independence Park Farmers Market, June 11, 2017

The Independence Park farmers market is a bi-weekly market that operates on Sundays.  As my wife put it, it’s very unpretentious-  I definitely agree that it had a good vibe to it.  There was a good balance of offerings among the vendors (produce and other products.)  The gentleman I spoke with at one of the produce tents (I didn’t get a good photo with the name) was very willing to answer questions about the harvest, extending the growing season with green houses, and other things that would be good to know running a farming operation. They had an enthusiastic energy that made you want to engage with them.  Overall, I liked this farmers market and would make it a point to patronize it often.  I definitely have this on my radar as a potential place to operate.

Watch out for the coffee tent.  I want a coffee as I type this.  It’s that much of a siren.  Mi quiero.

Be well everyone.

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