Weekly Update, Land on Lincoln, May 13, 2018

I don’t have a video update this week since there’s been four days of on-and-off rain, and the only real work done was on Tuesday.

See you next, everyone. Don’t forget that the farmers markets are opening up in few weeks. (I hope to explore some new ones this year.)


As I was working on the 54!, I decided to plant beans since it was warm enough, and there were some legacy beans from last year that sprouted. Now that I think about it, I’ll plant corn and have two of the three sisters growing there (though the squash would make three. Technically.

I also caught that 101 loses direct sun at around 5:30pm. 54! gets all-day sun. Nice.

Here are some mid-week photos of Land on Lincoln

Since the temperatures have dipped back into the 50’s, I decided to try starting the corn seed indoors. We’ll see how that works out.

On the plus side, the greens in 103 should be ready for a first cut in the next week or so, depending on temperature and sunshine.

Lots of rain with a forecast of more this week.

Be well, Everyone.

Here are some photos from this past Sunday:


Update on the Garden, April 28, 2018

I got a chance to get into the garden to plant some of the plants in 103 and started to remediate 54.  Due to limited windows of opportunity this weekend, my only opportunity to do so was after work on Friday, and during some very inclement weather.

I hope to get in there the next few days.  At the least, I’ll need to stop for a few minutes on Monday/Tuesday, as the temperatures will reach the 70s (and 103 is now under cover.)

As for 54, although it was pretty free of tap-root weeds, I might just do another weed burn to be on the safe side.  We’ll see.

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

Updates, Week Ending June 17, 2017 – An Unexpected Harvest

This week actually ended up having mostly sunshine.  On Friday, there was a violent thunderstorm in the evening that flooded the streets pretty heavily (it even knocked down a few branches from trees.)  Saturday was overcast (with the threat of rain and a late afternoon rain for about an hour.)  When I arrived to the garden on Sunday, I was greeted by an absolute abundance of growth and had to do a harvest of the 1st planting of radishes and the first planting of garden greens (cut and come again.)  In the other beds, you could see the abundant growth everywhere, including the weeds.

I did find that the other beds around me that had been desperate for water the past couple weeks grow tremendously.  With the forecast for the upcoming week, I don’t think anyone will need to do much watering.  I put down a third planting planning on the rain forecast for this week to help out.

On the deck, the morning glories began growing their vines and I more or less put up the trellis on the south wall for those suckers.  We’ll see how much vegetation sprouts from them and how full they get.

Overall, a successful week.

Be well, everyone.

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Weather Forecast


The Garden Plot

The Deck Plot

Green Pitch Updates for the Week Ending June 10, 2017 

No video update this week. Events over the weekend had me too exhausted to do a video recap.  I’ll do the weather, the garden and maybe the deck.

Be well, everyone.

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The weather was very ideal.  From Sunday until Wednesday evening, the skies were cloudless and general untouched; the penetrating sunlight and gentle breezes made for very ideal growing conditions.


On Sunday, I checked out the Wicker Park farmers market and got a tomato plant for one if the northwest squares.

I made a visit on Tuesday to water the plot.  Whether or not anyone abided by the “water me” post and even sprinkled the plants remains to be seen.  I did help out and watered 106 (which ideally should have the carrots planted closer together to make for more efficient water useage and sharing,), but I’m guessing the grandkids planted them, which might explain the random planting patterns.  I also did my best with 102, but the tomato plant finally had to yield.  Rest in peace.

I overheard someone mention using marigolds as insect repellent.  The next day I had a synchronicity as the wife sent me an article on plants to use for insect repellent/management. I think I’ll use a few open spots for marigolds and dill.

The Garden Plot

Other Plots in the Land on Lincoln Garden

((I just wanted to share images of the other plots for comparison with my own, and also to illustrate what people are growing and the progress they have made.)

The Deck Garden

(Photos to follow…)

Green Pitch Updates for the Week Ending June 3, 2017

A rather quiet week.  The weather this week was a bit more cooperative than the previous few (I also noticed back-to-back days of no clouds made by man.)

Overall, it was a quiet week of progress, but progress nonetheless.  I’ll take it.

Be well, everyone.

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On Wednesday, I decided to head over and water the plants given the good sunshine and no rain predicted for Friday.  I was greeted with a great surprise: sprouts.  There had been enough direct sunshine to make the greens, carrots and spinach sprout.  A few beans and peas pushed out of the ground, too, so there’s that as well.  And the tomato is slowly taking root.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting my next door neighbor, Natasha.  She’s been there all four years.  103 has had one other occupant, back in 2015.  Otherwise the soil has been undisturbed.  The tall cereal growing in her box was rye.

She had pulled the rye and don’t recall everything that she planted.  If I remember, I’ll get some pictures of the new crops.

Also, the tomato plant in neighboring 102 isn’t holding up for as much as I’m watering it.  The pepper plant is thriving under lack of attention (as they usually do) though.


Progress in the Garden


Progress on the deck


Green Pitch Updates for the Week Ending May 27, 2017 – Small Victories

This week the video update came from the corner of the community garden plot  where I helped with weeding (Peterson Garden Project, Land on Lincoln.)  I was amazed that the dirt that currently exists was built solely from 12″ of bark chips that were put down four years ago.  (That does give very strong testimony to the benefit of putting down bark mulch, kids.)

The weather the past week was a majority of overcast days with rain.

Photos of progress included.

Be well, everyone.

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This week’s video summary

​Progress in the garden

​Progress on the deck






News and Happenings – Garden Plot Update, May 6, 2017

This past Saturday, I got my plot assignment at the Peterson Garden Project’s Land on Lincoln garden.  It was lot #103, which is along the western fence line and was as wild of a plot as you can get- lots of milky thorn thistle weeds (deep taproots,) dandelions, a mix of other wild weeds and plenty of critters to boot.  The lot has varied quantities of sunlight, with the east side getting more than the west side, which runs smack dab against a covered fence shared with the vintage car pen.  At the minimum, the bed will get a minimum of 7 hours of direct sun, from sunrise until 2 pm.  At the most, the east side will get about 8 hours.  Not bad.

With that back fence, I’m thinking that I can plant peas or beans right now, and by harvest, tomatoes will just be coming up.

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The process of prepping the bed did involve me violating every known rule about minimal soil disturbance (to maintain soil and microbe ecology,) but I had no choice with some of the weed tap roots going up to eight inches deep.  I cleaned up the weeds surrounding the bed, and I’m hoping the garden gets some bark chips to put down.  If not, I might just spring for some of my own if the funds allow.

On Sunday, I did manage to make it out to soak and cover the plot with a tarp to sprout any weeds near the surface.  Although there is rain and overcast skies forecast for the first half of this week, I’m hoping there will be enough sun and warmth to sprout whatever can sprout, so that come the weekend, I can pull out the torch and take care of business.

I liked the overall garden as well.  People seem generally friendly, the drive is only 15 minutes, and there’s a lot of sunlight, but most of all, I get to get lost in a mini-farm adventure.

The journey continues…



(PS- the sun wasn’t directly above me.  I had forgotten that the bed is parallel to Lincoln Avenue, which at this point north runs in a roughly northwest/southeast direction.)