Weekly Update, Land on Lincoln, May 13, 2018

I don’t have a video update this week since there’s been four days of on-and-off rain, and the only real work done was on Tuesday.

See you next, everyone. Don’t forget that the farmers markets are opening up in few weeks. (I hope to explore some new ones this year.)


As I was working on the 54!, I decided to plant beans since it was warm enough, and there were some legacy beans from last year that sprouted. Now that I think about it, I’ll plant corn and have two of the three sisters growing there (though the squash would make three. Technically.

I also caught that 101 loses direct sun at around 5:30pm. 54! gets all-day sun. Nice.

Here are some mid-week photos of Land on Lincoln

Since the temperatures have dipped back into the 50’s, I decided to try starting the corn seed indoors. We’ll see how that works out.

On the plus side, the greens in 103 should be ready for a first cut in the next week or so, depending on temperature and sunshine.

Lots of rain with a forecast of more this week.

Be well, Everyone.

Here are some photos from this past Sunday:


Updates From the Garden, May 6, 2018

It was a good week for weather.  Most days were above 50-degrees Fahrenheit, sunny for several and good rains a few of those days.

The forecast is looking decent.  Mainly 50s, mainly sunny.  A good week for growing cool weather crops.


The legacy greens (as I’ll call them) are coming up nicely.  The spinach and lettuce I transplanted last week have taken root well and started to bloom

  The pea plant has shot up pretty fast, too.

The future steps I have in mind are to get the bean seeds planted, and possibly some more peas.  Dunno.  So far I’m happy with how things are coming along.

Oh.  I planted a sunflower in the corner adjacent to the fence.  We’ll see how this works out.20180506_093829



I had fun this week.  I did not end up putting down the Purple Cow activated fertilizer.  I saw how the mushroom compost was coming along and also took a gamble that the soil was pretty nutrient-rich, so I’m fine with just the mushroom.

This week I segregated the strawberries into their own section, and added an elevated section just for the herbs.  My thinking is that since herbs generally like drier soils, this would be a good way to achieve that.  I planted the onions, cabbages, pickle cukes and yellow squash.  I didn’t know if it would be too cold to plant tomatoes, but judging from other plots, it is not.  I guess another day for those, then.



Final Notes

I do need to string out the grids on this bed and 54, but that’ll be for another day.  I spent a little over two hours doing all the work in the morning.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and used it to try and get a taste for the pace and experience of farming on scale (SPIN farming, anyway.)

Take care, and be well, Everyone.

Update on the Garden, April 28, 2018

I got a chance to get into the garden to plant some of the plants in 103 and started to remediate 54.  Due to limited windows of opportunity this weekend, my only opportunity to do so was after work on Friday, and during some very inclement weather.

I hope to get in there the next few days.  At the least, I’ll need to stop for a few minutes on Monday/Tuesday, as the temperatures will reach the 70s (and 103 is now under cover.)

As for 54, although it was pretty free of tap-root weeds, I might just do another weed burn to be on the safe side.  We’ll see.

Enjoy, and be well, Everyone.

Welcome, Plot 54!

I got a chance to take a look at my second plot, number 54.

This is the first association I have when I think of “54”:

(Glory was a great movie, by the way.  1989.  If it’s before your time, make a point to see it.  It was also where Denzel Washington (and Morgan Freeman, though driving Miss Daisy hit the theaters just a month prior,) made a name for himself.)

At any rate, I’ll be hitting the garden after work on Friday, so I needed to check the plot to see what I’ll need to take with me to get this bed prepped and ready.

On the plus side, one of the other garden leaders was able to make several stops to the garden this week to spread most of the bark chips, so I’ll have more time to focus on plot FIFTY-FOUR!

Another plus is that it is centrally located.  I don’t know how its location is affected in a feng-shui or some other energetic sense, but in my mind, I’m going to give it good vibes.

The plot layout

The 2018 Growing Season Has Begun!

The new season officially began as the Peterson Garden gardens officially opened this week. Due to inclement weather last weekend, tge garden clean-up didn’t start until this weekend and will rely in those that pitch in.

I had an opportunity to volunteer at tge cool-weather plant sale on Saturday, held at 1101 W. Lawrence (across from the Aragon ballroom.) Here are a couple pics I managed to take.

Official photos from the event HERE

It was a lot of fun and I’m definitely volunteering for the warm-weather plant sal in a few weeks, and for a longer bracket of time. It felt good to participate.

In the garden itself, I decided to get some experience using a cold-weather tunnel. The plan was to have a cool weather planting this year- spinach, early-start carrots and cilantro, and possibly some lettuce, and start the pole beans in a few weeks or so.  Since peas and pole beans are already coming up, I’ll include those in the tunnel and take it from there.

I’ve also volunteered myself to be a garden leader, seeing as how much I’ve vested myself in the garden. What exact details are involved, I’ll find out.

As mentioned, the weather was uncooperative last weekend, so there’s a basket of tasks to do: marking the plot numbers, replacing rotted bed boards, weeding, and spreading this pile of bark chips around. Personally, I feel to get at least two inches of total coverage, we need twice as much. I’m thankful that we got anything, so I’ll make the best of what we do have.

Oh- no microgreens/sprouts, no farmers market this year. When o tried to embrace the idea, all I felt was resistance. I very much understand the mantra of “follow your bliss.” A farmers market venture produced nothing but feelings of having to make myself do it. So not this year. I’d happily produce FOR someone to sell, but I don’t want to grow then have to retail it myself. I still want some free time.

Video commentary and pictures below.

Enjoy and be well, Everyone.


A Good Year, 2017.

I did enjoy this year.  I did discover the pleasure of going to farmers markets.  I will greatly miss them this year, but I did find out that Logan Square has an indoor market on Sundays.  If they have eggs for $5/dozen, there will be a happy Brian in the Universe.

Things have been scaled back.  My energy has gone into writing and talking about cryptos this year (cryptcurrencies, bitcoin and the like.  If you are interested or want to know more about the topic, I highly encourage you to check out my blog.)

Next year I might sell some microgreens, sprouts, apple cider vinegar, and some what-not at an every other Sunday.  It would be a good way to get my feet wet.

I’m still going to keep the garden plot.  It’s enjoyable to work in and it’s economically beneficial to grow certain plants.  Having some experience under my belt, I’ll be better able to plan for next year.

Be well, everyone.

Updates, Week Ending June 17, 2017 – An Unexpected Harvest

This week actually ended up having mostly sunshine.  On Friday, there was a violent thunderstorm in the evening that flooded the streets pretty heavily (it even knocked down a few branches from trees.)  Saturday was overcast (with the threat of rain and a late afternoon rain for about an hour.)  When I arrived to the garden on Sunday, I was greeted by an absolute abundance of growth and had to do a harvest of the 1st planting of radishes and the first planting of garden greens (cut and come again.)  In the other beds, you could see the abundant growth everywhere, including the weeds.

I did find that the other beds around me that had been desperate for water the past couple weeks grow tremendously.  With the forecast for the upcoming week, I don’t think anyone will need to do much watering.  I put down a third planting planning on the rain forecast for this week to help out.

On the deck, the morning glories began growing their vines and I more or less put up the trellis on the south wall for those suckers.  We’ll see how much vegetation sprouts from them and how full they get.

Overall, a successful week.

Be well, everyone.

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Weather Forecast


The Garden Plot

The Deck Plot

Weekly Happenings, May 14-20, 2017.

Here’s the weekly update (from last week up to Saturday the 20th.)

Enjoy and be well.

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This week we had temperatures in the 70s (Fahrenheit) and plenty of direct sun (until the drop into the 40s on Friday.)  The second round of weed torching happened, I built up the bed with “soil,” and added a top layer of potting soil and compost for the seed planting to begin.

In the deck garden, I made a cut of garden greens to test “cut and come again.” ​

 The wall of cilantro continues to take expand

 The morning glories continue to build out their root bases and sprout more​ leaves

Carrots are showing some signs of life

The chive flowers have fully bloomed.  (My wife just told me that they are very edible.  Who knew?  Not me, appearantly.)

The turnips and beets are doing better, but even with the weather we’ve had, there should have been much more than this.  I’m concluding that it’s just too damn windy up here, and only the hardiest crops seem to like it, at least in this early cool season.

We’ll see how the summer goes, but for now, the grow tower is kale on top, cilantro all around.


The rest of the garden lot had some great square-foot plots.  The radishes planted two weeks ago in the nearby plots are doing fantastic (compare that to my deck radishes.)

Here is a cameo of Jim following hunting the robins that feed on the worms that the rich soil attracts.