Image Gallery – The Grow Lights Have Arrived!

I’ve been looking to purchase an indoor grow light to start plants early in the year, and to try my hand at microsprouts at some point.  Based on a recommendation by a co-worker who has her own little operation, I went with an Agrobrite 4-bulb grow light (plus the reviews on customer service were favorable enough for me on Amazon.)  Price was $97.00.  I found out after the fact that the same co-worker that recommended them was offering to sell some of hers, since she is scaling back her operations.

Maybe the next one.  😉


Newly arrivedlight-1

The contents came packaged welllight-2

The initial test looked good once the bulbs got warmed uplight-3

This is the temporary setup I’ll have to use until I invest in a shelving unit that has modular shelves.  This might not work for sprouting plants as I anticipate, but we’ll see.  It’ll do for now. 


Here’s the same setup with the lights on (and camera aperture adjusted accordingly.)


Since I have the light, I’m experimenting with my venus flytrap (in the clay pot) and a picked head of Trader Joes “living” butter lettuce (transplanted to the green planter.)