Two-Week Review in Review, May 26 and June 3, 2018

It’s been an exhausting two weeks of my life, so I’ve not had the energy or inclination to do a post until now.

The garden grows well.  So far in 103, I’ve harvested almost four POUNDS of lettuce greens.  I’ve had to give it away.  These have been the carryover greens from last year that seeded in the autumn.  Lesson learned from letting the last batch go to seed.

There was also a garden cleanup on May 26th.  The weedy Western corner got a lot of needed attention and much progress was made.

Week of 5/26


The weekend of 6/3

I got a good deal done.  Laid down some mulch chips, harvested 103, planted some new greens for the next cycle in 103.  54 got some weeding.  Not much else.  The corn is taking root and the squish are looking well.  (That was not a typo.)

Misc Photos From the Land On Lincoln Garden, 6/3

By July, these are going to be choked full of vegetation.

Housekeeping Notes

The farmers markets are opening.

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