Green Pitch Urban Farms, Boots On The Ground – The Green City Market Farmers Market, June 17, 2017

On Saturday, June 17th, I checked out the Green City Market farmers market and was very impressed by how much it has grown in the last 10 years.  When I first checked it out, it was just one row of tents, similar to the most of the farmers markets I’ve been to so far.  When I compare how far this market has come and factor in the increasing decentralization of agriculture, I can see many of the smaller markets growing in scope as time goes on, with market management playing a factor into how much a given market grows.

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When properly managed and promoted, the GCM is an example of what all farmers markets can become.  You could see not only in the number of tents and variety of offerings what it achieved, you could see in the little details what it has become.  The market provides signs that show visitors where the farms are located and a little bit of background about each vendor.  I did notice strategic placement of above-the-head height signage by a couple of vendors to help make their stand recognizable at a distance.

How a market organization manages their market does seem to make a big difference.

There was lots of foot traffic, entertainment activities and food choices.  It also doesn’t hurt that across one of the adjacent streets you have the Lincoln Park Zoo and kids farm.  Anyone visiting could easily spend a couple of hours here, if they were so inclined.

This farmers market, by its scope and sophistication would represent the “big time” for me.  I would need to have elements and offerings that make me stand out from the other vendors, given how much variety of product was offered.  I may just opt to start out at a smaller market where the offerings aren’t as abundant.  We’ll see.

Included in this assessment is my video impressions and quite a few photos.  If you haven’t checked it out, it’s worth the visit.

Be well, everyone.





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