Weekly Happenings, May 14-20, 2017.

Here’s the weekly update (from last week up to Saturday the 20th.)

Enjoy and be well.

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This week we had temperatures in the 70s (Fahrenheit) and plenty of direct sun (until the drop into the 40s on Friday.)  The second round of weed torching happened, I built up the bed with “soil,” and added a top layer of potting soil and compost for the seed planting to begin.

In the deck garden, I made a cut of garden greens to test “cut and come again.” ​

 The wall of cilantro continues to take expand

 The morning glories continue to build out their root bases and sprout more​ leaves

Carrots are showing some signs of life

The chive flowers have fully bloomed.  (My wife just told me that they are very edible.  Who knew?  Not me, appearantly.)

The turnips and beets are doing better, but even with the weather we’ve had, there should have been much more than this.  I’m concluding that it’s just too damn windy up here, and only the hardiest crops seem to like it, at least in this early cool season.

We’ll see how the summer goes, but for now, the grow tower is kale on top, cilantro all around.


The rest of the garden lot had some great square-foot plots.  The radishes planted two weeks ago in the nearby plots are doing fantastic (compare that to my deck radishes.)

Here is a cameo of Jim following hunting the robins that feed on the worms that the rich soil attracts.



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