Weekly Happenings, May 13, 2017

This was a quiet week.  At the community garden plot it was quiet.  The only task were to tend was torching the first sprouts and then watering and covering the the bed again for round two, since the weather calls for mainly sunshine and temperatures in the 60/70’s (Fahrenheit.)  I’m thinking that Tuesday/Wednesday I’ll torch the sprouts again, lay down the soil amendments to build up the box, water, soak, and come Saturday, torch if necessary, then lay down the compost, mark off the square-foot areas with string, then plant seeds.

On the deck garden, I transplanted the morning glory sprouts that were seeded last weekend into two large box planters which will become their permanent home, right or wrong.

Those are the only real updates.  Images and videos below.

Be well, everyone.

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​Right or wrong, the guerrilla gardener in me figured that with the wild state of vegetation along the fence line, that having a few plants that yield something of value other than generating lots of sweat would be a good thing to share.

When I uncovered the tarp on Saturday after a week of accelerated weed sprouting, I uncovered a lot of critters.  A LOT.  There were mainly a heap of centipedes, though as you can see below, there were a couple of wide-bodied anthropods, and like the centipedes, they had a taste for a soft, juicy earthworm (or what was left of it, which, surprisingly, was still alive and squirming.)

Video update summary, plus an example of torching weeds.


When you’re watching this video, keep in mind that if I didn’t torch these weeds, I would likely have had to pull them.  Judging by the number of sprouts, I would have been a busy and unhappy camper.



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