News and Happenings – Garden Plot Update, May 6, 2017

This past Saturday, I got my plot assignment at the Peterson Garden Project’s Land on Lincoln garden.  It was lot #103, which is along the western fence line and was as wild of a plot as you can get- lots of milky thorn thistle weeds (deep taproots,) dandelions, a mix of other wild weeds and plenty of critters to boot.  The lot has varied quantities of sunlight, with the east side getting more than the west side, which runs smack dab against a covered fence shared with the vintage car pen.  At the minimum, the bed will get a minimum of 7 hours of direct sun, from sunrise until 2 pm.  At the most, the east side will get about 8 hours.  Not bad.

With that back fence, I’m thinking that I can plant peas or beans right now, and by harvest, tomatoes will just be coming up.

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The process of prepping the bed did involve me violating every known rule about minimal soil disturbance (to maintain soil and microbe ecology,) but I had no choice with some of the weed tap roots going up to eight inches deep.  I cleaned up the weeds surrounding the bed, and I’m hoping the garden gets some bark chips to put down.  If not, I might just spring for some of my own if the funds allow.

On Sunday, I did manage to make it out to soak and cover the plot with a tarp to sprout any weeds near the surface.  Although there is rain and overcast skies forecast for the first half of this week, I’m hoping there will be enough sun and warmth to sprout whatever can sprout, so that come the weekend, I can pull out the torch and take care of business.

I liked the overall garden as well.  People seem generally friendly, the drive is only 15 minutes, and there’s a lot of sunlight, but most of all, I get to get lost in a mini-farm adventure.

The journey continues…



(PS- the sun wasn’t directly above me.  I had forgotten that the bed is parallel to Lincoln Avenue, which at this point north runs in a roughly northwest/southeast direction.)


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